India and Sri Lanka

India and Sri Lanka are two very different places, but I group them together here because of space.

I went to Sri Lanka to get out of the desert life for a long weekend. It was very nice, but a little too touristy for me. I was used to the secluded, tourist-free beaches of western Mexico, and that was I was looking for. Fortunately I managed to find some quiet time, and a couple of Colombian Yogis. They told me about their Ashram in Coimbatore, India, and about the massive celebration of Mahashivratri, and the unveiling of Adiyogi. They sold the idea to me very well, and because I like practicing yoga, I decided to go to Coimbatore for a long weekend.

Unfortunately, the trip to Coimbatore was not what I was expecting, but I managed to enjoy my time there. I later escaped the crowds and went to the Western Ghats, and from there to the canals of Kerala and Port Kochi. The trip to India was my first time using a DSLR, so apologies for not knowing how to use it very well.

Sri Lanka