Searching for the Longtailed rattlesnakes in Western Mexico

Long-tailed rattlesnakes are among’s the world’s most mysterious snakes. The three species of long-tailed rattlesnakes are notoriously hard to find and their ecology and geographic distribution are very poorly known. In an effort to locate additional (and perhaps intermediate) populations of Crotalus stejnegeri or Crotalus lannomi, I explored the westernmost reach of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, in the state of Nayarit, Mexico.

While talking to ranchers in a small community, I met Jorge, a local farmer with an uncanny knowledge and passion for herpetofauna. He took me to his home, were we talked about the local amphibians and reptiles, and I showed him pictures of the long-tailed rattlesnakes to see if he had seen them in the past.

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