Akaretsí - Wixarrica community in the hearth of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico

The Wixarica of western Mexico is famous for their Peyote ceremonies and they gorgeous bead jewelry. Also know as the Huicholes, they live mostly isolated live styles in the rugged mountains of Jalisco, México. In recent years, their traditions, religious practices and sacred sites have been under treat by development, drug related violence and the general lack of interest from the Mexican government.

In 2004, as part of our Rural Sociology class at the Universidad de Guadalajara, we had the opportunity to visit a Wixarrica community in Jalisco, Mexico. The few days that we spent there was a great opportunity to learn about their lifestyle, and a brief window into a millennial culture.

(Note: In 2015, as a way to honor the Wixarrica, we named a new species of frog from the Sierra Huichola, Eleutherodactylus wixarica. Click here to access the paper)